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‘Endless Light’ will be released via Triple Crown on Friday, March 25th 2016. Pre-Orders are available today.

We are happy to announce that we will be releasing ‘Endless Light’ on March 25th of 2016. We’ve been working on this record for the last year or so and we have some really amazing aspects of that whole process and what it has yielded to share with you.

Endless Light Cover
Endless Light Cover

1. Slow Sin
2. Your Move
3. Deconstruct
4. Complicated End Times
5. Burn
6. Bloodlines
7. Endless Light
8. Black Hole
9. Time is a Length of Rope
10. I Am (Become Death)
11. Realm of the Physical

‘Endless Light’ is available for pre-order NOW, via Triple Crown’s Merch Store. There a few different bundles ready for you. We’re most excited about offering a “Coffee Lover’s” package, in which you can order a bag of our collaboration blend with Metric Coffee out of Chicago, IL. Additionally, you will receive an instant download of the tracks “Deconstruct” and “Bloodlines” when you pre-order.

O'Brother - Noisey
O’Brother – Noisey

You can watch the video we shot for “Deconstruct” or stream the song over at Noisey right now! We invited our good friends at Atria Creative to film for a few days as we recorded this record at the legendary Southern Tracks Studios in Atlanta, GA. The footage from “Deconstruct” is us actually tracking the song.